"My photography connect me with extraordinary humans. I love to create art works with an authentic atmosphere, charged by my personality. Based on my intuition and human knowledge."

I am born in Wasserburg am Inn in Bavaria. My father was owning a printing company, so I raised up on papers, films, magazines and the smell of printing ink in the air. My first camera I got with the age of 17. Before photography I made first steps into the professional world with the advertising industry like Jung von Matt and I collected years of experience within the communications world.

In 2008, I decided to change my career path and focus on professional photography. After my move to Berlin, I was several years assistant for an international operating photographer. I work with actors, musicians, sportsmen, politicans, ballett dancers, and and and. Currently I reside in Berlin and follow my work all around the world.



"Olympics" | solo exhibition (2016) | Haus am Wannsee, Berlin